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"Testable predictions - experimental approaches", Scott Hagan

lecture, part of "Consciousness at the millennium: quantum approaches to understanding the mind" - webcourse presented by University of Arizona Center for Consciousness Studies

Keywords: correlation versus causation, metabolic requirements, PET, MRI, MEG, SQUID, Hameroff-Penrose model, laser spectroscopy, coherent Frohlich excitations, microtubules, memory,gap junctions, thalamocortical networks, quantum tunneling, conscious event, neural mass, preconscious time, Anton Zeilinger, microwave radiation, biological superconductivity, magnetic field strength, Caroline Lewis, MAPs, Beck/Eccles model, probabilistic exocytosis, stochastic resonance, thermal activation, molecular transition, Conrad, quantum speed-up, vertical information processing,  Erhard Bieberich, fraqtor model, holographic paradigm, in-vitro studies











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