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What is Healing Energy?

James L. Oschman, PhD

Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, April 1997

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Keywords: dynamics of healing, rhythmic processes, oscillating magnetic fields, therapeutic touch, jump start healing, scanning frequency range, cascade, open channels, information flow, coordinated repair process, entrainment, geomagnetic oscillations, magnetoreceptors, microgenesis, ELF, pulsing magnetic fields, frequency window of specificity, biomagnetic emanations, coherent Frohlich oscillations, infrared radiation, Qigong, microwaves, stalled healing, acupuncture, ELF acoustic signal, blueprint, natural regulatory signals, perineural connective tissue as a direct communication system, current of injury as semiconductor current, Hall effect, brainwave propagation through circulatory system, mutual phase-locking of oscillators, thalamic rhythm generator, silent phase susceptibility to external field entrainment, Schumann resonance, meditation induced responsiveness to Schumann resonance, amplification of biomagnetic field, altered states of consciousness, identical EEG signature in healers, brainwave phase and frequency synchronization with Schumann resonance, between-person brain-cardiac synchronization, quantum unit of consciousness, somatic memories, fields of experience, electromagnetic signatures stored in neural networks








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