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Subtle Connections: Psi, Grof, Jung and the Quantum Vacuum

Ervin Laszlo


Keywords: psi, Targ, Puthoff, thought/image transference, telepathy, remote viewing, EEG correlation, dream ESP experiments, electrical storms, geomagnetic field, Faraday cages, Grinberg-Zylberbaum, hemispheric synchronization, meditative state, group EEG synchronization, telesomatic transmission, time-displacement experiences, identification, cosmic consciousness, information-conserving and transmitting field, zero-point field, continuous energy sea, negative energy, material world a s a thinning of quantum vacuum, Lamb-shift, Casimir effect, Gazdag, post-relativity theory, boson flow in superfluid zero-point field, geometrical structure of space-time, Davies-Unruh effect, constant-speed versus accelerated motion in ZPF,  inertial force, mass, gravity, Shipov, physical vacuum theory, Akimov, torsion field, phyton, vacuum polarization states and fundamental fields, vacuum decompensation,  Penrose, spinor equations, superluminal group speed of torsion waves, information carriers, brain as torsion field transceiver, torsion-phantoms, Poponin, vacuum substructure, quantum-vacuum interaction hypothesis, interfering wavefronts and universal holofield 









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