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On Quantum Mechanics and the Implicate Order: an Interview with Dr. Basil J. Hiley
interview conducted by Mitja Perus
National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Keywords: quantum gravity, time, the Broglie-Bohm interpretation, information field, particle as a series of unfoldments (holomovement), uncertainty principle violation, measurement, "beable" versus observable level, hidden variables, particles as centers of activity in holomovement, holomovement as subquantum medium, vacuum, process versus particle as fundamental reality, wholeness, breaking the vacuum symmetry, particles as quasi-stable features of background process, field description, classical spacetime manifold, pre-spacetime processes, Planck length, electron structure, bootstrap theory, quantum potential, radio signal, amplification, self-organization, superpotential, quantum transitions, quantum cosmology, active versus passive (inaccessible) information, emergence of classical world, holographic image recall, Penrose, gravity, self-collapse of wave function, fluctuating metric tensor, inequivalent vacuum states, mind as a relationship between manifest and subtle features of holomovement, generative order, fractals, self-similarity, neural networks, Prigogine, irreversibility, stability of chaotic attractors, pattern recognition, mind influence on quantum potential, meditation, direct perception of implicate order 











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