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Quantum Dynamic Networks, Chaotic Solitons and Emergent Structures in Subcellular Processes: Possible Implications for Learning, Memory and Cognition

Martin J. Dudziak, PhD


Keywords: neural membrane, coherent self-organized behavior, non-stationary stable solitons, topological deformations, storage of information, reversible quantum events versus irreversible neurodynamics, measurement, time flow, Pribram, field-like inormation processing, energy dissipation, cyclical collective behavior, parallel self-regulation, neural networks, Sutherland's Holographic Network, emergence of new organization, inertia, systems "near the edge of chaos", electrochemical field, coherent ion pump phase relationship, cytoskeletal growth, entrainment, synchronization, chaoiton, role of water molecules, laser-like effects, spontaneous pulsed emissions








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