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Biosystems Liquid Crystals and Potential Effects of Natural and Artificial Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

James B. Beal, EMF Interface Consulting


Keywords: EMF flux, quantum-level sensitivity, ELF planetary resonator hypothesis, wave interaction, biological structure, information field, LC protein as transceiver mechanism, human-machine interactions, healing, pattern formation in non-equilibrium systems, cell membranes, energy pattern information storage, biomagnetite, EMF amplification, cell membrane as superconductor and leaky dielectric, origin of life, 10Hz feedback component, ionosphere, geomagnetic field, fidelity of transmission/reception between genetically related forms, protein transceiver system as physiologic regulator, environmental waveform interference pattern, Fourier transform, re-radiation of coherent waveforms, energy patterns as structural blueprints, EM bioinformation transfer, embryonic development, immune response, energy patterns imprinting target tissues, diminishing results with exposure, solitons, hyperallergenic syndrome, signal amplification, feedback arrangement, dilution factor, homeopathic energy imprinting in water, ELF physiological effects, acupuncture, directed intentionality 








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