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Developing the Theoretical Basis of Psi

James E. Beichler 

Journal of Paraphysics, 1998


Keywords: ESP, PK, Rhine, Joseph Rush, signal strangth vs. distance, EM shielding, Eccles' "subtle influences", individual will, cascading process, N. Marshall, resonance, theory of eidopoic influences, complexity, indeterminacy, degree of similarity between complex structures versus likelihood of eidopoic resonance, experimental predictions, Dobb's complex time, copresent probabilities, precasts of events, paranormal matrix, hyperspatial theories, gravitational theory, Bohm, EPR, subquanyum level action, physical properties of psi, electroamgnetic theories, ELF waves, effectiveness of absorption versus size of absorber, brain tuning circuit, Persinger, geomagnetic disturbances, absorber theory, neutrino interactions, topological folding, Saul Paul Sirag, hyperspace, universal consciousness, reflection space, Sarfatti, biogravitational field, Dubrov, Rauscher's eight-dimansional spacetime, least-action principle, signal action, sphere of influence, holographic theory, quantum potential field, coupled state changes








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