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III 1. Methods for Evaluating RV Data


III 2.   How Does the RV Imagery Emerge? 

A. Visual Imagery and Electromagnetic Resonance
Glenn Wheaton, HRVG

B. See "What Makes CRV Work?" "Is It Related to OOBE?" under PSI FAQ's
Lyn Buchanan

C. Entanglement and Decoherence Aspects in Remote Viewing: a Topological Geometrodynamics Approach
Lian Sidorov


III 3. Applications Oriented Research

III 3A. See "What Are Some Application of CRV?"; 
"Can You View Thoughts of Other People?"
"How Do Dowsing and CRV Work Together?"

under PSI FAQ's http://www.crviewer.com/crviewer/QandAIndex.asp
Lyn Buchanan

II 3B. Creating Applications-Specific, Abstract Vocabularies

"Data Integration in RV: Abstraction Levels and Context", Lian Sidorov 
Replies: Lyn Buchanan, Bill Stroud


III 4.  Information Flow and Psychophysiological Entanglement in RV Networks


III 5.  Brain Imaging, Metabolic Aspects and Energy Signatures in RV


III 6.  Can information be masked?


III 7. Target Properties


III 8. Discussions on Remote Viewing
by Jimmy Williams


III 9. Channel Capacity in RV









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